Akwaaba! A warm welcome awaits you at Claver House, the Jesuit Retreat Centre in Cape Coast.

Claver House, the Jesuit Retreat Centre in the Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast, is a serene oasis and a Christian retreat centre staffed by an experienced team of Jesuit priests and brothers. Its beautiful setting on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean provides people with the space to experience the presence of God in their lives and in the world. The centre has a chapel, a variety of spaces for prayer, extensive private grounds and offers the requisite silence for people desiring to encounter God or searching for what is important in their lives. Our retreats are conducted in an atmosphere of silence.

Our Vision

Claver House Retreat Centre is inspired by the person and Good News of Jesus Christ, and exercises the mission of accompanying others in retreats, spiritual guidance and pastoral counselling in the tradition of The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. Our desire is to foster growth in Gospel freedom and enkindle spiritual fire necessary for the contemporary apostle of Jesus Christ in our world today.

Easter Retreat: Day Seven – Holy Saturday: “THE HOLY NIGHT: HE IS RISEN – HE HAS

The Lord takes our place even in hell and gave all humanity His place in heaven. This is how much the Lord loves us. This is what tonight is all

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Easter Retreat: Day Six – Good Friday – “It is

Read John 18: 1 – 19:42 or Matthew 26:36 – 27:55 or Mark 14 – 15 or Luke 22:39 – 23:56 Who would have believed that we had wandered so far

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Easter Retreat: Day Five – Holy Thursday: “The New Passover – Our God on His knees,

Read Exodus 12:1-14, John 13:1-15 The Lord leaves His temple. The altar is laid bare. The tabernacle is empty. In many Catholic Churches, the red

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30-Day Ignatian Retreat

The 30-day retreat or the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius is a journey of discovery and revelation into the reality of God and of myself as a human being. This is an adventure into the core of our being that is better experienced than spoken. So come and experience the Lord and yourself.

8-Day Ignatian Retreat

When God touches us, the seemingly complicated knots of our lives begin to unfetter. In this encounter with God, we find ourselves. In a one-on-one directed 8-day retreat, the one doing the retreat encounters God. But she or he is never alone – a friendly and a non judgmental companion, the one that gives the retreat, guides her/him.

One-on-One Directed Retreat

Do you want to encounter God and yourself? Do you want to live more for God? Do you want to experience your life pregnant with meaning and purpose? Come for a one-on-one directed retreat and allow God to loosen the seemingly complicated knots of your life.