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Day 3: “Do you call this fasting?”

Isaiah 58:1 – 9

How can you claim to be fasting when you encounter the hungry and do nothing to help them? How can you claim to pray when you leave the destitute naked yet your wardrobe is crowded with clothes? How can you claim to be holy when people around you are homeless and sick without medication and yet you have the means to change their lives?

Does my seemingly holy life help to release those bound unjustly? Does it set the oppressed of my society free? Does it make bread available to the hungry? Does it provide clothing to the naked. Have I become like the rain that leaves everyone and everything dry?

Has my fast changed anything in me? Has it made me more pleasant to live and to work with? Has it made more eager to forgive others and myself. Has it made sin less attractive to me? Has it made me more compassionate and loving towards others? Has my fast changed my lifestyle and my attitude to life?

My fast is not an end in itself. It is meant to transform me into a better person.

The Prophet Isaiah reminds us that we cannot be fasting and yet be engaged in lies, hatred, selfishness, deceit, greed, pride and lust. My fast, like a light, should brighten my life and the lives of those around me.

Let us remember today to fast from lies, to fast from hatred, to fast from using hurting words, to fast from laziness, to fast from impatience, to fast from greed, and to fast from insensitivity to the needs of others.

May God give us the grace to allow our fast to be a blessing to others! Allow your fast to touch someone’s life today. May God bless you.

Author: Peter Chidolue, S.J.

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