Home Easter Retreat: Day Seven – Holy Saturday: “THE HOLY NIGHT: HE IS RISEN – HE HAS WON!”

Easter Retreat: Day Seven – Holy Saturday: “THE HOLY NIGHT: HE IS RISEN – HE HAS WON!”

The Lord takes our place even in hell and gave all humanity His place in heaven. This is how much the Lord loves us. This is what tonight is all about. The Lord journeys into our darkest place. He journeys into our hell. The Light of the world enters into the valley of darkness, of gloom, and of tears because of His love for you and for me. This is the story of the light that dispelled all the darkness of our lives and of our world. As you celebrate this holy night, let this story fill your heart with gratitude and with joy. He has won and we are free.

This is the night. No one has ever escaped the dungeon of death. The power of hell could not understand what was happening. Like the fourth man in the burning furnace lit by Nebuchadnezzar, this Jesus is walking about freely in the flames of hell and enchained to nothing. His light is shining so brightly in the dark gloom of hell. No light has ever survived the gates of hell and yet he is changing all the nights of hell into the brightness of day. The whole of hell is quaking and convulsing for everywhere he touches, souls are beginning to rise in joy and happiness and hell is about to explode. Demons and even the prince of demon, Lucifer are running away for fear that the light of Christ might transform them back into angels of the light. The realm of evil and hell is screaming for the gate of hell to be opened for the soul touched by Christ to go out.

This is the night when Lucifer screamed and said “Open the gates for the Son of God to leave with all the just. if he stays here one more second our hell will be transformed into a heaven.”

This is the night when the pillar of fire dispelled the darkness of sin. The Lord rises! He is alive! Easter is happening in our very eyes. In our hearts, the victory of light over darkness will always be our strength. The power of evil has bowed down in submission to the power of love, of truth, of compassion and of hope. The Lord is risen! He is risen indeed! Our brother, our Lord, our God is alive. He has won! He has won! He has won!

Happy Easter and may everything beautiful, true and holy in us rise from our graveyard of sin, shame, tears and fear, and may those graveyards be no more. Happy Easter!!!


Author: Peter Chidolue, S.J.

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