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Lent – Day 20: Which is easier to do? Good or evil?

Jeremiah 7:23 – 28

Why do we sometimes walk away from a path that leads to prosperity, peace, joy, love, hope, freedom, success and happiness? Why do we take paths that ultimately lead to disappointment, distrust, fear, murder, lies, shame, division, and death? Is there anything along the path of destruction that attracts us towards this path? The Lord says to Jeremiah in today’s reading that His people has turned away from the path of righteousness and have followed the evilness of their hearts. They have chosen evil over good; death over life; fear over faith; despair over hope; hatred over love and slavery over freedom. But why would anyone do that? Why would someone choose to lie than tell the truth? Why would someone choose to commit fornication or adultery than being chaste or remaining faithful? Why would someone choose to be impatient and angry than being gentle and polite? Why? The greatest temptation that we face daily is the temptation to believe that it is easier to do evil than good.

Evil blinds us to the consequences of our actions: drunkenness without hangovers; Theft without Jail-time; laziness without failure; sexual immorality without sickness, remorse or death; lies and envy without sadness and depression; we can go on and on. This illusory world that evil presents does not exist. Experience teaches us that if we give in to evil, the flood gates of destructive consequences will drown us in shame, despair, fear and ultimately death. How does it feel to be afraid? How does it feel to be morally cheap and to give your body to any and every one? How does it feel to be hopeless? How does it feel to be depressed and unhappy? How does it feel to be always angry? How does it feel to be untrustworthy? How does it feel to have no one that understands you or care about you? How does it feel to be lost? If you want to know and experience these feelings, then follow the path of evil. The wages of sin is destruction and death.

May God open our eyes and our hearts to know and follow the path of righteousness today and every day of our lives! May God bless you!

Author: Peter Chidolue, S.J.


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